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Natives, Aliens and Reintroductions Conference

On June 22nd & 23rd 2013 a conference entitled Natives, Aliens and Reintroductions: how does ecology inform wildlife conservation in Scotland? took place in the University of Glasgow.

The topic of ‘Natives, Aliens and Reintroductions’ is highly relevant because of the considerable resources expended on attempting to rid the country of non-native plants and animals deemed to be harmful, such as Giant Hogweed and Japanese Knotweed, while at the same time expending more resources on reintroducing species deemed to be desirable, such as Beavers, AND also worrying about the effects of climate change on the distribution of native species.

There was also a Schools Poster-competition under the banner of the Glasgow Science Festival.

The Proceedings of the conference are now published in the The Glasgow Naturalist vol. 26, part 1 - see here. Further papers may be published in future issues.

The conference theme was also addressed in GNHS excursions throughout the year.

Glasgow Natural History Society, in collaboration with other members of the Glasgow Biodiversity Partnership and Glasgow Science Festival led the project, which was a contribution to the centenary celebrations of the British Ecological Society, and the Year of Natural Scotland

See Festival of Ecology for more information about the BES Centenary. Also see Year of Natural Scotland

We are very grateful to The British Ecological Society, the Blodwen Lloyd Binns Bequest, and to Glasgow City Council for grants towards the conference events. Also to SWT and RSPB for assistance in kind.